ProTank 3 Dual Coil Atomizer Review


ProTank 3 Dual Coil Atomizer

E-Cigarette-USA has been a favorite e-cigarette supplier of mine for quite a while now. Up to this point, I have always found their clearomizers to be more than satisfactory and I have been eager to try the Kanger ProTank 3.

As for the overall look of the ProTank 3, it has the similar physical features to the ProTank 2, a stainless steel body, Pyrex glass tank and stainless steel drip tip. I was happy about this because I am a fan of the streamlined look of the ProTank 2 and other Kanger clearomizers and the ProTank 3 is no exception.



Remove your new ProTank 3 from its sleek packaging and remove the protective mouth piece cover. You can toss it out but I like to keep them to use when I’m traveling and such to keep my mouth piece clean when I‘m not using it.

Once you’ve done this, turn your clearomizer upside down and unscrew the base from the rest of the tank. Take one of the coil heads that come with your clearomizer and screw it into the base. Make sure to screw it in snuggly, but not too tight, you want to be able to remove the base again later without difficulty.

Now that you’ve finished installing the atomizer head coil, it’s time to fill your clearomizer with e-liquid. I’ve found that the easiest way to do this is to tilt the clearomizer on a slight angle and drip the e-liquid of your choice into the tank, filling it 2/3 full.

Make sure you don’t get any e-liquid into the center hole. Getting liquid in the center hole won’t necessarily ruin your atomizer but it will cause you to suck the excess e-liquid into your mouth. Take it from me this is something you want to avoid. Though it won’t cause you any harm, the flavor of the vape and the e-liquid itself are very different and tasting the e-liquid itself is not pleasant.

If you do accidentally get e-liquid in that center hole just dab as much as possible and be aware that you may taste something unpleasant for your first inhale or two until the liquid is cleared from the tube. At this point, screw the base back onto the tank and it is ready to be used.

Just a helpful tip, any time your wick is dry when you are filling it, whether because it is a new clearomizer or because you are replacing a head coil, make sure to allow the clearomizer to sit for a few minutes to allow for the wicks in the atomizer to become completely saturated. This will give you optimum performance and ensure that you don’t burn out your atomizer head coil immediately. Once you burn out your atomizer head coil you will receive a burnt flavor and less vapor. This is irreparable and you will need to replace the coil head to receive the correct performance.


When it comes to the Kanger ProTank line, the largest change I can see is the new offering of dual coil atomizer coil heads. This is a fantastic feature that I have experienced previously using a few clearomizers from other brands and have found to be superior to the single coil atomizer coil heads. Having a dual coil atomizer in your clearomizer will give you more power when you’re vaping and you will receive more flavor and more dense clouds of vapor.

Just an FYI, I tried putting the dual coil atomizer coils heads that come with the ProTank 3 into my ProTank 2 and they do not connect. This is because the dual coil atomizer is a larger coil head and needs more space from the ProTank 3 to accommodate the added size.


Since I have previous experience using Kanger clearomizers, and know that they perform the best with higher voltage batteries, I chose to try out this new clearomizer on my eGo 1300 Twist battery. This is a variable voltage battery that has a range from 3.7v-4.8v and is one of my favorites.

Once I filled the ProTank 3 with my favorite Logic Smoke Peanut Butter E-Liquid and set my battery at 4.3v, I took a deep breath and then took my first inhale. The peanut butter flavor exploded in my mouth. This has been a favorite flavor of mine for months but I’d never tasted it so vibrant and true to favor. It tasted just like freshly ground peanut butter. Now with the vapor I was almost caught off guard by how much vapor I exhaled. Voluminous clouds of vapor.


One of the coolest features I’ve found and that all Kanger clearomizers boast is how easy the maintenance on these clearomizers really are. This is mainly because the design allows for the clearomizer to be completely disassembled. Simply unscrew all of the stainless steel components of the clearomizer to disassemble for cleaning and maintenance purposes.

Another great characteristic of the Kanger Protank 3 along the same line is its rebuildable feature. You are able to remove the dual coil atomizer coil heads and replace with a new one, simply by unscrewing the existing coil head.

Also, the drip tip is removable for cleaning and replacement. Any eGo drip tip will work so if you are like me and worry about chipping a tooth when using the stainless steel drip tip it comes with, you are welcome to replace it with a plastic one that better suites your needs. The Pyrex glass tank is also able to be replaced and is available in several bright colors such as blue and red.


I firmly recommend buying one of these wonderful clearomizers at the first chance you get. You will get such satisfaction from the flavor and vapor production the ProTank 3 offers, along with its rebuildable feature, replaceable coil heads and state of the art design. I will definitely be switching to the ProTank 3 as my daily go-to clearomizer and I highly recommend you do the same.

Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

Electronic cigarette starter kits have everything needed to use them. The market is nearly bursting with the many choices in e cigarette starter kits. So how does one know what to do?

Three Types of E Cigarette Starter Kits

The first is a one piece unit. It is completely put together. The battery is inside the unit. So is the cartridge. This cartridge cannot be refilled like other units. To start the battery, the user must push or twist the mouth piece. The unit is ready for use.
The second type comes in two pieces. The battery and the cartridge must be put together by the user to start the unit. The battery can be charged. The cartridge can be refilled. The part that turns the liquid nicotine into vapor, is in the nicotine cartridge. Every time the users get a new cartridge, they receive a new atomizer.
The third type of electronic cigarette start kits contains three pieces. In this kit, the atomizer, battery, and nicotine cartridge are separate. They must be put together before use. This type is easier to change the nicotine cartridge than in the two piece models.
Prices of Starter Kits
Some Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits can be bought in stores. Most stores do not carry the premium electronic cigarette starter kit. They do carry the less expensive kind. The least expensive is around $7.99 for the disposable units. The price runs about $21.99 for units which contain a USB charger, battery, and cartridge. A few stores sell the premium e cigarettes for around $80.
E cigs ordered online allow users a bigger selection and cheaper prices. Online prices for the reusable type start at about $18. One can find the premium for about $65. Sites that sell only electronic cigarettes have a much wider selection and better prices than sites like Some of these sites have as many as 36 different starter kits available.

Options for Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits

When deciding on an electronic cigarette starter kit, check out what you get for the price. Some e cigs come with a car charger. Others offer a carrying case. You can get the on the go charging case. The chargers are the USB charger or the a/c wall charger. The two price points are under $100 and under $50. Make a list of these options. Then check them for each starter kit. It appears that three brands have five of the seven choices. They are the South Beach Premium, South Beach Deluxe Plus, and V2 Ultimate. The South Beach Premium and South Beach Deluxe Plus are both under $100. The V2 Ultimate costs over $100.
There are many electronic cigarette starter kits to choose from. The units come from one to three pieces. Prices are from $18 to $65 online. Stores are still not carrying a wide selection. There are several items that come with the e cig starter kits. Some starter kits have as few as three items. Others have five. Whatever your choice there is an electronic cigarette starter kit for you.

The Disposable Electronic Cigar Feels like a Regular Cigar

disposable electronic cigarThe disposable electronic cigar is a device that can give you the same pleasure as smoking a real cigar.  But it is a change from an actual cigar. Normal cigars build up tar while burning the tobacco.  We inhale this tar along with the smoke, which is very harmful for our health.  This is where the idea of a cigar without tar began. These are battery powered disposable e cigars that contain liquid.  They are either a mixture of nicotine and flavors or just one of them.  The liquid gets changed to smoke with the help of a heating device without making any tar.

The disposable electronic cigar is progress in the field of e-cigars.  These can be tossed into the trash bin after usage.  They are cheaper when compared to other e-cigars.

The disposable electronic cigar looks like a normal cigar, but its working parts are different than standard e-cigars. The structure converts the e-liquids into smoke.  The disposable electronic cigar has the same style as that of normal e-cigars.  It is designed to make them cheaper for the purpose of throwing them away after you use it.

Price is the major factor that has made the e-cigar popular among many people.  The cost of e-cigars will cost an amount that is much less when compared to the price that you have to pay for a standard e-cigar. A startup kit of a standard e-cigar comes with many contents, as well as a charger.   This is the main reason why they are costly.  The disposable electronic cigar kit does not include the same things.  The supplies are cheaper when compared to start up kits.

Another reason to choose the e-cigars is that you can try many flavors.   By using e-cigars, it will help you decide on a start-up kit. The flavors of most e-cigars differ.  It is vital that you choose one that tastes best for you. It is wasteful to spend money on a start-up kit without trying the flavors.


Disposable Electronic Cigar LG-1800 is equivalent up to 3 packs of regular tobacco cigarettes

Most of the brands are now offering the disposable electronic cigar.   They are sold in any walk-in or online outlet just like any other smoking products. Buying a startup kit is not an easy task when compared to choosing e-cigars.  They may not be sold in all retail shops. The e-cigars are sold as single units even though packs of e-cigars are also on hand. The single units make it likely for you to try special flavors so you can search to find the best flavor.


The e-cigar is easier to use as compared to start up kits.  You do not have to worry about taking care of them after you finish it.   With standard e-cigars, you have to worry about many factors.  If you are planning to make it a habit of using e cigars, it is wise to use a start up kit.  That will be the best use of your money in the long run.


Electronic Cig Inventor Herbert A. Gilbert

We all do it. We buy and use products on a daily basis and have no idea where they’ve come from. I don’t mean geographically, but who invented them. That mp3 player you’re listening to. Who sat down and came up with the idea to make an electronic that could store 1000’s of songs on it and play them for hours on end? Someone took the time to make that idea a reality and now you are able to enjoy your favorite songs anytime you’d like.

Let’s talk about The new electronic cigarette starter kit you just picked up at your local vape shop. Where did it originate from? Who brainstormed and came up with the idea to make a product that will allow smokers the satisfaction of in-taking nicotine without the worry of all those added carcinogens.

Electronic Cig inventor Herbert A. Gilbert

Electronic cigarette inventor Herbert A. Gilbert

Electronic cigarette inventor Herbert A. Gilbert

There are disputing claims of who exactly invented the e-cigarette. In 1963, Herbert Gilbert from Beaver Falls, PA patented “a smokeless non-tobacco electronic cig”. He described his device as “replacing burning tobacco and paper with heated, moist, flavored air.” This devise used a battery-powered filament to vaporize a flavored liquid for inhalation. Sound familiar right? Basically it was the original electronic cig with 00mg of nicotine. He even thought up replaceable flavor cartridges just like the modern version. Though it wasn’t a nicotine delivery device, and didn’t become the new up and coming sensation at the time, it deserves to be mentioned because it is the first patent for electronic cig.

Gilbert also intended his electronic cig to be used in the medical profession. In his patent, he lists also that physicians could use his device to allow patients to inhale warm medication to treat respiratory problems.

Unfortunately for Gilbert, despite the initial interest in his idea, it never came to fruition. Though many companies were interested in his invention, it seems Gilbert was ahead of his time. Technology wasn’t advanced enough at that time to make the electronic cig profitable enough for companies to mass produce them.

In 2000 Hon Lik, a Pharmacist in China who smoked up to 3 packs of cigarettes a day, came up with the first design for what we know today to be the product origin of the electronic cig. Hon Lik says that he came up with the idea for the electronic cigarette from a dream in which he was drowning in an ocean when suddenly the water vaporized into a colorful fog. At the time, Lik’s father was dying of smoking based lung cancer and this tragedy only caused Lik to strengthen his determination to come up with a safer way to deliver nicotine to those who wanted to imbibe in the activity of smoking without as many health risks.

In 2003, Lik patented the first nicotine based electronic cig and the following year, he was the first to manufacture and sell what we know today as an electronic cigarette or electronic cig. The company Lik worked for, Golden Dragon Holdings, developed the device and changed their name to Ruyan, which means “like smoke.”

Whether you feel that it was Herbert Gilbert or Hon Lik who was the true inventor of the electronic cig, one thing is certain…the electronic cigarette is up and coming technology and it’s time for you to pick up your electronic cigarette starter kit if you haven’t already.

Benefits of Smoking with Electronic Cigarette

Benefits of Smoking with Electronic Cigarettes

Tgo w 901 eGo electronic cigarette clearomizer kitWhen wondering if one should try the electronic cigarette route for smoking, a smoker will ask themselves, “How will this benefit me from traditional cigarette smoking?” Well, the good news is that there are a few benefits to switch from cigarette smoking to electronic cigarette smoking.

Some of these benefits are cost effectiveness, some health advantages, and pleasing your family members, to name a few. Let’s talk about cost and saving money. Who doesn’t want to save a few dollars! The initial investment will be a little more expensive but you are getting everything you need when purchasing an electronic cigarette starter kit.

You will start seeing your savings when you see how much longer an electronic cigarette cartridge or cartomizer lasts compared to a normal tobacco cigarette, especially when refilling the electronic cigarette with the nicotine juice. Every once in a while, it will be time to replace the electronic cigarette battery and/or an atomizer, which is still a ton cheaper than buying a pack of cigarettes several times a week.

A second benefit of electronic cigarette smoking is some healthier advantages. Although electronic cigarettes have not been FDA approved yet, there are many studies being done. However, it is known that electronic cigarettes do not contain any tar, carbon monoxide or carcinogens like ordinary tobacco cigarettes. Because it is water vapor that is released into the environment, there is no second hand smoke being passed along to people in your surroundings. This means that many public places allow electronic cigarette smoking that ordinarily does not allow traditional cigarette smoking. Some of these public places include bars, restaurants, malls, and even some airports.

It has been said that electronic cigarettes are “another way of smoking.” For those of you who do not wish to quit the habit of smoking, electronic cigarette smoking can help you reduce your nicotine level, to where you will be smoking with non-nicotine flavored juices.

Lastly, maybe the best benefit of all, your family members will be happier that you are not smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes laced with over 3,000 chemicals including many kinds of carcinogens, tar, and carbon monoxide. e cigarette also do not leave a lingering odor of any kind, nor does the vapor leave any kind of discoloration behind. This means you won’t have to worry about your hair, clothes, cars, walls, or homes being left with unpleasant odors like a normal cigarette smoker. For any of you that have a non-smoking relative, (such as a spouse, child, mother or father, etc.) that alone should make them happier that they no longer have to deal with the pleasantries of a normal cigarette.



LOGIC SMOKE DISPOSABLE E CIGARSA disposable e cigars are usually longer in size than the real cigarette; These disposable e cigars are usually available in the local stores and can also be purchased online. The cost of a disposable e cigar is usually less than that of a full starter kit in most cases. Unless you try one, you can’t be certain you would like one.

Disposable e cigars are composed of a cartridge that is filled with nicotine and a pre charged battery. For an automatic electronic cigar, you just remove it from the package and begin puffing. The nicotine present in a single electric cigar is equivalent of two packs of the traditional tobacco cigarettes.

Compared to the two pack of the traditional cigarettes they replace, disposable e cigars can be a pretty good deal. They always come charged and ready to use. They are usually long lasting and user friendly. Disposable e cigars give potential e smokers the ability and opportunity to try refillable electronic cigarettes before they get to commit to a more expensive starter kit.

Since the disposable e cigars are not reusable, it can be quite expensive for heavy smokers. Unless you are a social smoker or you are willing to buy in bulk, you would never want to make a long term habit of smoking disposable e cigars. If you are not a full time smoker or you are a starter, then it is recommendable for you. If you smoke socially and just want something that won’t leave you smelling like smoke to take to the bar or to the club, then a disposable e cigars are suitable for you.

Buy on line disposable e cigars

e cigarettes – top 5 tips and tricks

If you decide to buy electronic cigarettes, there are some important things you should know in order to enjoy them properly. We have gathered here a list of our favorite tips for using the vapor cigarettes.

Tips on Using e Cigarettes

1)    Take time to choose your favorite model

e cigarettes come in several different forms and your preferred model will be down to your personal taste. Do you want one that bears a strong resemblance to a normal cigarette or would you prefer a sleek modern model? Perhaps you want a pen-style model that doesn’t look like a cigarette at all? Take the time to try out different styles before you spend money on loads of cartridges and accessories.

2)    Change the atomizer regularly

The atomizer is the unit that vaporizes the nicotine and forms the “smoke” to inhale in many e cigarette models. It can get clogged over time leading to reduced vapor production. This may make you think you need to spend money on a new cartridge or more eliquid Avoid this by changing the atomizer frequently. Just how often you need to do this will be determined by the model you have and how much you use it.

E cigarettes atomizers [Tank 801 model]

e cigarettes atomizers

3)    Waste not want not

You can save a lot of money by refilling cartridges instead of just throwing them away. Buy Eliquid separately and use the appropriate method for your model to refill the cartridges. Another major tip is to extract Eliquid from cartridges that you think are empty because they aren’t producing any vapor. You’ll need a syringe and a spare bottle but over time you’ll notice just how much wastage you’re avoiding. Be extra careful when handling Eliquid.

4)    “Can I try that thing?”

More and more people are switching to e cigarettes for a healthier lifestyle but there will still be lots of people out there who have never seen one, let alone tried one. When you’re out and about with yours, someone is bound to ask if they can have a go on it. By all means be generous but remember that germs can spread very easily so it’s good to carry a spare cartridge with you or a pack of alcohol wipes to make sure you avoid getting ill.

5)    Watch your nicotine intake

When you first get an e cigarette it’s easy to puff away without thinking about your nicotine intake. e cigarettes avoid the nasty carcinogenic ingredients of tar and carbon monoxide so enjoy a far healthier smoking experience but just remember to take it easy!

A New Rising Star in Hollywood: Electronic Cigarettes in the Movies

Electric cigarettes offers the same aesthetic and physical rituals of smoking without the negative health repercussions. They are usually composed of a battery, an atomizer and a cartridge. The atomizer burns the liquid nicotine in the cartridge, producing vapor that simulates the same ‘puff’ as traditional cigarette smoke. The battery powers the device and lights up the end to reproduce the effect of the tobacco burning. The critical difference between electronic cigarettes and traditional cigarettes is that the vapor does not contain the carcinogenic ingredients of tar and carbon monoxide.

Electronic Cigarette – the trend

More and more people are switching to electronic cigarettes to deliver the same amount of nicotine without the malignant properties of traditional cigarette smoke. Now we’re seeing this trend extend to the movies. Despite the scientifically-proven health hazards, cigarettes retain the faded idea of glamorous and cool upon which they were so successfully marketed in the 20th century. When smoking was an almost universal activity, movie stars puffed away on every screen and every advertising billboard. Everything changed in 1964 when the Surgeon General of the United States distributed the ‘Surgeon General’s Advisory Committee Report on Smoking and Health’.

It was a conglomeration of over 7000 articles that linked smoking tobacco to cancer and other diseases. This provided a catalyst for legislative reform that restricted advertising. There is a thread that links these restrictions to the Motion Picture Association of America’s decision to issue higher censorship ratings to any films in which smoking was depicted without a historic or mitigating context in May 2007.

However, the surge in electronic cigarettes could mean smoking will be up on the silver screen again. Johnny Depp’s character in The Tourist (2010) was seen puffing on an electronic cigarette throughout the film. The actor requested an electronic cigarette especially from a UK supplier. He loved it and it quickly became an essential accessory for his character. This helped cement the electronic cigarette as a genuine alternative to traditional cigarettes.  Now it seems that the uptake in electronic cigarettes is spreading throughout Hollywood.

Celebrities smoking the electric cigarette

Catherine Zeta Jones has been seen with one in her favorite restaurant, perhaps prompted by Michael Douglas’ health problems. The cast of the popular film series The Twilight Saga are also keen proponents with Robert Pattinson and Kirsten Stewart taking the lead. Apparently they have been waxing lyrical about them to other cast and crew members. Now even the notorious party animals Charlie Sheen and Paris Hilton have adopted the healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes.

What are the Advantages of Smoking Electric cigarettes?

Smoking regular cigarettes is bad, and we all know it. Not only for your health, but also for your beauty, youth and most of all, for all of those surrounding you. If you are an avid smoker who has started taking into consideration quitting, you may have come across an even more popular way of doing it: electronic cigarettes. What are these e-cigarettes? How do they work and how do they help you quit smoking?

The Benefits of Electronic Cigarettes

First of all, smoking electronic cigarettes means no more smelly hands, no more bad taste in your mouth. Electronic cigarettes use the “almighty” steam power, which leaves no odor. Nothing is burned, as in the case of traditional cigarettes, thus no smoke touches your clothes, hands or lungs. This means you can smoke anywhere: at home, at the office or in restaurants and no one will be disturbed, and best of all no ashes.

Smoking electronic cigarettes means that you quit, but you don’t. You keep on smoking, you keep on repeating the gestures and your body gets its nicotine requirement. But there’s no ash involved and the smoke is not really smoke, but steam. It does not damage your health like tobacco cigarettes; it does not damage your lungs, or the lungs of those around you.

Electronic Cigarettes and nicotine levels

When quitting smoking, your body is subject to the effects of withdrawal. The thing is, it has become dependent on its daily dose of nicotine.  E-cigarettes’ liquid usually comes with four main nicotine options: high, medium, low and zero. You can start with a high level of nicotine and then slowly decrease, until you reach zero. This way you keep on smoking and avoid the effects of withdrawal. You may continue with nicotine-free liquid for your entire life. And you will stay healthy!

Another great plus of this device is that it reduces the costs of smoking up to half, and even more. For example, in the USA a cigarette pack costs approximately $10. And it lasts for what? One, two or three days? Maybe even less. A 50ml electric cigarette liquid bottle will last for at least five days or a week and costs half the price.

The best thing about electronic cigarettes is that the e liquid comes in all sorts of different flavors. From cherry to cappuccino and even mint or Cuban tobacco, your e-cigarette can be a new experience over and over again. Most important is you can choose the size and even the color of your e-cigarette. Personalizing has never been better.

Ego e Cig Tank System – The Latest Upgrade in the Electronic Cigarettes Market

eGo Tank System

During the past few years we hear more and more about the ego electronic cigarette. The ego e-cigarette is currently the hottest name in the market. There are several variations of the ego model. Recently introduced is the ego e cig tank system. Gaining more and more enthusiastic smokers, the Ecig tank model is the best modification so far.

The ego cigarette comes in several modern designs and you can also select from a few optional colors. The ecig tank system is sold by leading electronic cigarettes stores. The eGo tank system provides a cleaner and more simple usage of the electronic cigarette.

Ego E-cig battery

If you’re planning to get the new ego tank starter kit there are some things you should know. In comparison to older versions of the ego kits, the ego e cig tank starter kit comes with an Led screen, which is a great feature. eGo’s newest kit on the market is known has the eGo Tank starter kit with an LED screen. It is a battery indicator: meaning, unlike the old version , it will tell you when the battery needs a recharge.
Another great feature in this model, is its ability to track down the amounts of puffs taken from the e-cigarette. when your battery is fully charged. The battery will also keep track of the amount of puffs you’ve taken from the e-cigarette.

The batteries in the eGo Mega Battery kit and in the eGo Tank kit are 1100mAh. The batteries that come in the eGo Mega Battery Mega Cartridge kit are 900mAh. The traditional eGo Starter kit includes batteries that are 650mAh. The difference truly being, the higher the strength of the battery, the longer a customer will go without having to recharge their battery.

An Ego Start Kit Includes

-Two atomizers
– Two batteries
– cartridges
– A home charger with a USB adaptor port
– One USB charger
– Operator’s manual.
eGo Tank System
Another cool fact about our eGo Starter kits –  components are compatible with Joye 510 atomizers. This actually means that you can use your 510 cartridges , the Joye 510 atomizers and the eGo battery. This is also a great way not to have to worry about recharging your battery so often. All cartridges in all of the eGo Starter kits are refillable .

Ego Tank Atomizer


For conclusion, the way we see it, the ego tank system is currently the best electronic cigarette currently available in the market.