Benefits of Smoking with Electronic Cigarettes

Tgo w 901 eGo electronic cigarette clearomizer kitWhen wondering if one should try the electronic cigarette route for smoking, a smoker will ask themselves, “How will this benefit me from traditional cigarette smoking?” Well, the good news is that there are a few benefits to switch from cigarette smoking to electronic cigarette smoking.

Some of these benefits are cost effectiveness, some health advantages, and pleasing your family members, to name a few. Let’s talk about cost and saving money. Who doesn’t want to save a few dollars! The initial investment will be a little more expensive but you are getting everything you need when purchasing an electronic cigarette starter kit.

You will start seeing your savings when you see how much longer an electronic cigarette cartridge or cartomizer lasts compared to a normal tobacco cigarette, especially when refilling the electronic cigarette with the nicotine juice. Every once in a while, it will be time to replace the electronic cigarette battery and/or an atomizer, which is still a ton cheaper than buying a pack of cigarettes several times a week.

A second benefit of electronic cigarette smoking is some healthier advantages. Although electronic cigarettes have not been FDA approved yet, there are many studies being done. However, it is known that electronic cigarettes do not contain any tar, carbon monoxide or carcinogens like ordinary tobacco cigarettes. Because it is water vapor that is released into the environment, there is no second hand smoke being passed along to people in your surroundings. This means that many public places allow electronic cigarette smoking that ordinarily does not allow traditional cigarette smoking. Some of these public places include bars, restaurants, malls, and even some airports.

It has been said that electronic cigarettes are “another way of smoking.” For those of you who do not wish to quit the habit of smoking, electronic cigarette smoking can help you reduce your nicotine level, to where you will be smoking with non-nicotine flavored juices.

Lastly, maybe the best benefit of all, your family members will be happier that you are not smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes laced with over 3,000 chemicals including many kinds of carcinogens, tar, and carbon monoxide. e cigarette also do not leave a lingering odor of any kind, nor does the vapor leave any kind of discoloration behind. This means you won’t have to worry about your hair, clothes, cars, walls, or homes being left with unpleasant odors like a normal cigarette smoker. For any of you that have a non-smoking relative, (such as a spouse, child, mother or father, etc.) that alone should make them happier that they no longer have to deal with the pleasantries of a normal cigarette.


E Cig Personal Vaporizers New way to get your nicotine fix


Smoking is a habit that people have been doing as long as history has been recorded. With every age, there have been major health concerns. E cigarettes can help you make the change while still getting your nicotine fix. E cigarettes development includes the use of the pipe. It was followed by the use of rolled cigarettes with or without a filter.
It is the perfect device for people who wish to quit the smoking habit. It is thought to be a healthier option. E-cig liquids do not contain chemicals that are used in the growth and processing of tobacco and tar. Companies offer assorted flavors for e cig liquid. The flavors include vanilla and menthol and other fruity flavors. The e liquid comes with options for the amount of nicotine. The options make E cigarettes a better option than nicotine enhanced gums and patches. Or E cigarettes can be used without nicotine.
The 21st Century has seen the dawn of the e-cigs. Gone are the tobacco stained fingers and teeth. Gone are the many chemicals used in the growth of tobacco. Gone is the tar linked to cigarettes. Gone is the smoker who has been condemned to dingy alleys and corner smoking areas. Remember how more often than not, they seemed to be designed to make the smoker uncomfortable. The e-cig allows the smoker to enjoy mingling without having to get away from the social setting. No more second-hand smoke now makes it an acceptable habit.

How the E cigarettes is built
E-cigs are cigarettes made of three or four parts. The first part is the battery which powers the gadget. The second part is the cartridge that holds the e liquid which contains the nicotine. And the third part is the atomizer where the fluid is converted into vapor using a heating element. In some products both the cartridge and the atomizer are fused into one part. The gadget works by delivering the nicotine in the form of an e cig vapor that is inhaled.
There are plenty of reasons why e cigs have become popular. No more open flames as the battery does all the work and gets rid of matches and lighters. Most e cigs come with rechargeable batteries which contribute to a greener planet.
The vapor that comes from e-cigs dissolves quickly leaving no traces of any second-hand smoke. That solves one of the reasons why the other types of cigarettes are despised. Now e-cigs allow smokers to enjoy their nicotine fix in social settings.
Money is another great reason to opt for e-cigs. Studies have shown that using this type of cigarette reduces the amount spent on nicotine fixes by up to half or more. That makes the e cig quite pocket friendly as the user can also buy the e liquid in bulk.