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Kr808 starter kit classic e cigarette style

Why should you buy the kr808 starter kit ?

kr808 starter kit

Think about cigarettes and what they are made of, their flavor, their smell, and their impact on your life. Now think about kr808 starter kit e-cigarettes. They are specially conceived to help you decrease the number of cigarettes you smoke per day and they might even be the solution for you to quit smoking.

If you have already decided upon purchasing an e-cig, but don’t know what brand to choose, we present to you the kr808 starter kit. It sells in two variations: with or without PCC (Portable Charging Case).



What does the kr808 starter kit include?

From a User’s Manual to USB battery chargers, the kit has everything you need to switch to a healthier smoking solution. But let’s take them one by one:

Kr808 Batteries

A standard kr808 starter kit includes two rechargeable lithium ion batteries. You might find this strange, but in order to be able to vape continuously, you will need to make sure that you don’t run out of electricity. So, whenever a battery is running low, you can always replace it with your second battery. Pretty smart, huh? Now, they both have 3.7v, but one is 180mAh and the other one 280mAh, so power will surely not be a problem.

One thing you need to keep in mind after you purchase your KR808D-1 Starter Kit: do NOT forget to charge both of your new batteries for the initial 8 hour charge. After this first charge, a 2-3 hour recharge will suffice.

Kr808 Charger

The kr808 starter kit includes a smart USB charger that allows you to charge your batteries directly on your laptop or any other device that has a USB entrance. If you are the traditional type, the charger comes with a wall adaptor. So basically its one charger with two different ways of charging your e cigarette, making it easy to find a charging source.

Kr808 cartomizers

The kr808 starter kit comes with 6 cartomizers, all tobacco-flavored and with different levels of nicotine. You can experience environmentally-friendly smoking with 6 levels of nicotine, starting from zero and going up to 16. Whenever you run out of e-liquid, you can refill your cartomizers with a flavor of your choice: from tobacco to vanilla ice-cream, you can inhale whatever flavor you want.

User’s Manual

The e-cigs are easy to handle, but for whoever feels like they wouldn’t mind getting more information, the KR808 D-1 Starter Kit also includes a manual. Instructions, pertinent information, and clear explanations, are all contained in this User’s Manual.

Kr 808 PCC (optional)

The Portable Charging Case is a wonderful option for those who have no outlet sources around. The PCC is a case resembling a cigarette pack that can charge your batteries up to four times before needing to charge itself.
You can charge the PCC with your laptop or computer with the help of its USB charger. Don’t be fooled by its slim appearance: the powerful 1100mAh rechargeable lithium ion battery will charge your e-cig in no time. The PCC charges in only 4 hours; you can let it charge during the night and the next day it will be ready to do its work. It has a modern LCD display which enables you to check its battery level as well as the charge. It has room enough to hold two batteries, but it can only charge one at a time.
Over all, the KR808 model is a great choice. All in all, switching to e-cigarettes is not at all a bad decision. It is healthier and at the same time it’s practical. And the various flavors available take smoking at another level. Enjoy your own e-cig, the vapor hookah that fits in your pocket!

Ego e Cig Tank System – The Latest Upgrade in the Electronic Cigarettes Market

eGo Tank System

During the past few years we hear more and more about the ego electronic cigarette. The ego e-cigarette is currently the hottest name in the market. There are several variations of the ego model. Recently introduced is the ego e cig tank system. Gaining more and more enthusiastic smokers, the Ecig tank model is the best modification so far.

The ego cigarette comes in several modern designs and you can also select from a few optional colors. The ecig tank system is sold by leading electronic cigarettes stores. The eGo tank system provides a cleaner and more simple usage of the electronic cigarette.

Ego E-cig battery

If you’re planning to get the new ego tank starter kit there are some things you should know. In comparison to older versions of the ego kits, the ego e cig tank starter kit comes with an Led screen, which is a great feature. eGo’s newest kit on the market is known has the eGo Tank starter kit with an LED screen. It is a battery indicator: meaning, unlike the old version , it will tell you when the battery needs a recharge.
Another great feature in this model, is its ability to track down the amounts of puffs taken from the e-cigarette. when your battery is fully charged. The battery will also keep track of the amount of puffs you’ve taken from the e-cigarette.

The batteries in the eGo Mega Battery kit and in the eGo Tank kit are 1100mAh. The batteries that come in the eGo Mega Battery Mega Cartridge kit are 900mAh. The traditional eGo Starter kit includes batteries that are 650mAh. The difference truly being, the higher the strength of the battery, the longer a customer will go without having to recharge their battery.

An Ego Start Kit Includes

-Two atomizers
– Two batteries
– cartridges
– A home charger with a USB adaptor port
– One USB charger
– Operator’s manual.
eGo Tank System
Another cool fact about our eGo Starter kits –  components are compatible with Joye 510 atomizers. This actually means that you can use your 510 cartridges , the Joye 510 atomizers and the eGo battery. This is also a great way not to have to worry about recharging your battery so often. All cartridges in all of the eGo Starter kits are refillable .

Ego Tank Atomizer


For conclusion, the way we see it, the ego tank system is currently the best electronic cigarette currently available in the market.